Open District 6460 Positions


Thank you for your interest in serving Rotary at the district level. As 2023-24 District Governor Neal says, “Rotary is very broad and very deep, and we need Rotarians from across the district to serve.”

There are many benefits to filling a district role, such as:

    • Learning more about Rotary that you can share with your club
    • Learning new skills
    • Meeting new Rotary friends
    • Sharing your talents

District 6460 is a large territory that includes 24 counties. We can best serve our clubs when district leaders represent every region of the district.

Check out our database of open district positions to learn more. It shares:

    • Position title
    • Position start date
    • Probable amount of time required monthly or annually
    • Responsibilities
    • Recommended term of service
    • Time of year when position is most active

CLICK HERE to see the list of open positions. Select any position to see complete details.

Should you find a position that interests you or you need more information, click Neal Miller to send him an email.